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Elementary School Karkoveska 61 opened its doors on the 1st of September 1969. The school teaches students from the 1st to 9th Grade which is divided into Primary School (Grades 1-4 ages 6-10) and Secondary School (Grades 5-9 ages 10-15)). Currently 600 students attend the school,c286 in the Primary School and  314 in the Secondary School. There are currently 83 members of staff of which 62 are Teaching Staff and 21 Non-Teaching Staff (which includes a school psychologist and special needs team).


The school consists of two buildings, one smaller that contains the gym, dinning room and 4 smaller  1st Grade classrooms. In the main building there are three floors which contain normal classrooms as well as specialist classrooms such as German, the Sciences, ICT, English and Geography. Also housed in this  building are various offices.


The school has a large outdoor area which includes a transport playground, multifunctional sports ground, an outdoor classroom and many trees. The area is used for P.E, After-School activites as well as outdoor lessons. The school is situated close to two forests which are also used for outdoor learning.

The school plays an active role in the Community being involved in various projects to support charities for example White Pastel and League Against Cancer as well as being involved in Anti-Bullying projects. Our school also supports the environment through various projects e.g Blue School (Water Project) and Green School. The school places an emphasis on languages and encouraging the students to know what life is like outside Slovakia so we are involved in Phenomenal World Project, Erasmus, as well as having connections with the U.K.

Mgr. Martina Lošonská

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