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School No. 4 Suceava

School No. 4 Suceava is a secondary school, situated in a district of Suceava. It was founded in 1974 and has 38 teachers and 703 students, with ages (6-15) beginning with preparatory classes until eighth grade. Our school is a body with legal personality employing 38 teachers, run by an Administrative Board and coordinated by a head teacher. Its aim is to provide high quality educational services in order to form generations that have key competences recognized at European level, which will ensure each pupil the ability to adapt quickly to social, technological and cultural changes. To succeed in this respect, the school must provide professional and personal development for the teachers. Although most of our students come from middle class society, with unemployed parents, always in search of work, often finding jobs abroad, to the detriment of their children, our students understand that only through education they can overcome their condition and become professionally fulfilled people. Our school runs Erasmus+ projects (KA101, KA219, KA229), eTwinning projects, many environmental projects. We also run national projects on healthy nutrition (Buyer-Consumer-Protection, Consumer Rights, Let’s Eat Healthy). With these projects we want to broaden the view of our students, to make them realize that although we are different by cultures and traditions kept from our ancestors, we are so alike by the desire to share and learn from other people about their culture. This will be an open gate to Europe for our students and teachers, through which they can practice their English language skills, will make new friends, will know beautiful places, beautiful people, they will know Europe and Europe will know them.

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