Anyksciai Antanas Baranauskas basic school


Anyksciai Antanas Baranauskas basic school was opened in 1980. It is named after famous Lithuanian writer Antanas Baranauskas. There are 404 students from 6 to 17 years old in our school. The school consists of a primary school (from 1st to 4th class) and a basic school (from 5th to 10th class) and it gives general education to the students. It also has got a multi-functional center which is attended by disabled students with special needs (mental disabilities). There are 43 teachers in our school. A social educator, a speech therapist, two special educators and a psychologist also work in our school.
Students attend many extra - curricular clubs and activities : Sports (basketball, football), Art/Design, Ceramic, Culinary, Puppet theatre, IT studies- Robotics, Dance, Young foresters, Little singers.
Our school has participated in European projects: Comenius -„4 Myths- 4 Truths“; Erasmus+ program -„Be Act Live“,“Ecosystem River“; European ‘Healthy School‘ program; GLOBE (conducted with partners in USA), LT-PL youth exchange project „We are so different yet so alike“ and many national projects.

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