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Cizmeci Primary school opened in 1958 in Ankara (Kecioren) and continue education with 94 teachers , 4 administrators, 1980 students (aged 4-10). We have quite a lot of refugee (332) and disabled ( 11 ) and ( 50) students who have learning difficulties . It was one of our school's goal to make these students to cut off the alienation, to reduce the pain of transition to multiculturalism.
We participated this project because we believe, playing outdoor games can be a brilliant way to enhance learning abilities in children. They may learn important life lessons and skills, develop a problem-solving attitude, get to explore nature, acquire new information and an elementary understanding of science. Moreover, it is learning done through play which can be the best form of learning. We are sure that participating in various projects ( local, regional, international) makes learning and teaching more meaningful and offers our students’ access to a high quality education. In 2017 with 2017-1-FI01-KA219-034790_3 reference number we participated Erasmus+ KA 219 Strategic school partnerships ” MADD- music, art ,drama
and dance - IN THE CLASSROOM.
Our school has an idealistic and experienced staff. It is composed of trainers who are open to innovations, successful in business execution, following developments, successful in the field, in love with the profession, working in harmony, with business ethics.We have many awards and success on outdoor games and have many national project going on related with out door. We want to broaden these experience with the international projects.

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